Registration Report.

Click on Registration report under-Reporting Tab.


Registration Report page will appear with registration data as shown in the image.

Name: It indicates the name of the member who received the Registration link.

Email: It indicates the email id of the member who received the Registration link.

Mobile: It indicated the mobile number of the member.

Member Type:Type of member-Example: Visitor/Vendor/Staff

Workflow: Name of the workflow.

Questionnaire: Icons for Questionnaire page

Status: Registration flow status- Checked in,Sent,Completed.

Last Updated time



The screenshot indicates Workflow name based on selected date we find records for Registration Report


Questionnaire: Under this field, user can see the questionnaire icon which displays the questionnaire report answered by the member.


After the user clicks on the Icon the following popup appears as show in the image which displays the Questionnaire report.


Status: It indicates the status of registration.
Under this field user can see the following status result.

Sent: It indicates that the member received the registration link.
Completed: It indicates that the member completed the registration.
CheckedIn: It indicates that the member has scanned his temperature and checked in to the facility/institution.

Last Updated: It indicates the time at which the status was last updated.

Result: It indicates the Pass or Fail Result based on the answers given by Questionnaire.



Export- To get the data exported from the report, pls click on the Export button. An excel file will be downloaded as shown below.

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