In order to upload device details in Bulk user is advised to use Import option.

Steps to be followed to perform this action are as listed below:

Click on Import button in the Devices page as shown in the screenshot.

Click on Download Template, To download a template enclosed in csv file.

DeviceImportTemplate will get downloaded.

Template consists of the below column names:

  • device_name

  • serial_number,

  • imei_number

Enter the details of devices corresponding to its coumn name as shown in the screenshot

Click on save button.

Note: Multiple device details can be added and saved at the same time.

On saving the template with new device details in the users system.

Navigate to Import option from device page

click on ‘Choose file’ as shown in screenshot

and select the DeviceImportTemplate saved in the system.

Verify the details that appear on grid with details of new deviced which were added in the Template.

Click on Import to import these device details into the portal.

User can now see the newly added devices in the portal as shown in the screenshot.

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