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CERTIFY.ME Subscription

CERTIFY.ME Subscription

15 days free trail

Feature comparison

 Web Only
No Device Required
Basic Access
per SNAPXT device
$9.95 /device/month
Preferred Access
per SNAPXT device
$49.95 /month
Premier Access
per SNAPXT device
$99.95 /month
Pricing varies
(Minimum 20 devices)
Temperature Scan and Fever Detection
Realtime Dashboard
Temperature Reports
Anonymous Temp Scan
Picture capture
RFID Workflow
QR Code Workflow
Wave Workflow
Printer and BLE Light Workflow
Export Temperature Report
Device Management
Online Device Management
Software Upgrades via MDM
Device Configuration
(limited to 1 configuration only*)

(limited to 3 configuration only*)

Offline Mode
(features depending on online functionality will not be functional )
Facility and Location Management
Facilities Included
Location Included
User Management
Users included2 Users Included2 Users Included10 Users Included*100 User Included*Max of 200 Users*
Roles Included2 Roles2 Roles10 Roles
MSO 365 Login
AD Sync of Users
(includes free authx account limited to AD Sync)
(includes free authx account limited to 1 SSO application)

(coming soon)

(coming soon)
Member Management
Members Included100 members500 active member per device *2000 active member per device *Max 100,000 members
Member Type Included15 member types15 member types150 member types150 member types
Grouping Included
Member Form Configuration
Member Activity Report
Member File Import Web Based
Member SFTP Import
Member Communication
SMS Included2000 SMSAvailable as add-on2000 SMS per device *
App Based Push
Bring your own Twilio Account
Touchless Registration and Questionnaire
Questionnaire’s and Workflows Included31020
Auto Scheduler Included31020
Member Registration Report
Member Check-In Report
Alerts and Notification
Browser Temperature Notification
High Temperature Notifications
(limited to 10 settings)
Failed Questionnaire Notifications
(limited to 5 settings)

(limited to 10 settings)
Certify.me Mobile App (Coming soon)
Member Included
(iOS and Android)
QR code confirmation cards-NA-
Data Retention
Max Retention of Data7 days1 day7 days21 daysAdditional options available
Access Control
Access Control Integration
(Weigand )
Door Strike/Mag lock (Relay)Integration
Standalone Access Control
(does not need access control panel)
Access Control Report
Face Recognition Access
Sync Members by Groups
Remote Door Operation^
Remote Camera View ^
Visitor Temporary Access ^
QR code Access ^
Certify.me mobile access card ^
Time and Attendance
Time and Attendance Report
Member API
Temperature Report Webhook API
Temperature API
Advanced Reporting
SFTP – File export/import
Proximity Tracing
App based proximity reporting
Beacon based proximity tracing
Additional Features
Open QR Code
Communication Reports
Audit Logs
Support 24X7
Customer Success Manager
Add Ons
Device Configuration-NA-+ $4.99/month per additional configuration+ $4.99/month per additional configuration-NA--NA-
Users+ $2.99/user/month+ $2.99/user/month+ $2.99/user/month+ $2.99/user/month+ $2.99/user/month
Members+ $24.99/month – Additional 250 members per account-NA-+ $24.99/month-Additional 500 members per account+ $24.99/month- Additional 500 members per account+ $24.99/month -Additional 500 members per account
SMS Overage+ $20.00 per 1000 additional SMS billed automatically on overage-NA-+ $20.00 per 1000 additional SMS billed automatically on overage+ $20.00 per 1000 additional SMS billed automatically on overageCustom Billing
Notifications+ $4.99/month per additional Notifications-NA-+ $4.99/month per additional Notifications-NA-Custom Billing
Auto Scheduler+ $4.99/month-NA-+ $4.99/month
for each additional auto scheduler
+ $4.99/month
for each additional auto scheduler
Custom Billing
Workflow and Questionnaire+ $4.99/month-NA-+ $4.99/month for each additional workflow/questionnaire+ $4.99/month for each additional workflow/questionnaireCustom Billing
Credit Card on File
(15 day payable)
Upfront Payment for Annual Fees (Requires Credit card on file for overages)

*Additional add-ons available
^Coming Soon

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