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Enable Certify Alert

This option is available under Add/Edit Facility

Enable the “Enable Certify Alert“ option

1.Click on Actions

2.Select Edit Facility

3.Enable the checkbox “Enable Certify Alert”

4.Click on Save button

Certify Alert option under Actions

-After saving the enable certify alert changes, Certify Alert option will be available under Actions of respective Facility

After user clicks on the Certify Alert, the following popup appears as shown in the image

SOS: SOS Alert is the default alert

Events: User can provide the name of the Event

ADD EVENT: Click on ADD EVENT button to add a new alert

Save: Click on ‘Save’ button, after adding the details of the new facility

Close: Click on close button to close the popup window

Adding an alert

1.Provide a name in Events textbox

2.Click on ADD EVENT button

3.New Event will be added under events list

(Each Event will have Delete option except SOS. By clicking on Delete option Event will gets deleted.)

4.Click on Save button

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