Getting Started

Adding to Cart

After clicking on ‘Buy Now’, you will be redirected to the ‘shop’ page. Here, you can see all the upgraded versions of CERTIFY SNAPXT.

On clicking Accessories button, the customers have an option of choosing the stand or any accessories they prefer.

Customers have an option to choose the type of device they want to buy. After clicking on ‘BUY NOW’, customers can view a short description about the device.

Customers also have an option to change the quantity on the ‘shop’ page.

If you choose the device without any stand, you see a view in which only the device picture is available along with the total cost.

If you choose “Light Up Desk Stand“, the image of the stand is displayed You can click ‘CLEAR SELECTION’ if you do not want choose this option or explore other options as well.

After selecting from the stand option, the entire price of the SNAPXT and Accessories will be displayed accordingly.

Customer also have the option to buy the stand options individually as well by clicking ‘show the product page’.

After clicking ‘show the product page’, it will redirect the customer to a new page having the stand option image and pricing available in particular. This will be the process for other stand options as well.

On scrolling to the bottom half of the page, you can find the description, technical specifications and reviews section for the device.

This entire process is repeated for the other version of SNAP XT namely SNAP XT PRO, SNAP XT PRO HID and CERTIFY InfinityX Pro.