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Advanced Search – Members

Advanced Search is the quick way and also should provide full match for particular attribute to search the entire record of the particular member.

Normal Search Button filters only first Name and Last Name and also search records for partial match.

Admin/User should click Advanced Search in Members Page to perform Advanced search operations.


First Name – search record based on First Name

Last Name – search record based on Last Name

Email – search record based on Email

Mobile – search record based on Mobile

Member ID – search record based on Member ID

Access ID – search record based on Access ID

Member Type – search record based on Member type(default will be All)

Clear- Clear button clears all textboxes and sets Member type to All in Advanced search.

Apply – Apply button searches records based on the mentioned attribute

Searching records based on the Member Type and Status.

First search records for the particular Member type and then select the status to view only those records needed to be filtered.

Reset button is used to revert back to initial mode where the Members page shows all the records.

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