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Proximity Details

Proximity Details Report shows the data received from the mesh gateway.

Go to Reporting → Proximity Details

First Name : Displays the first name of the member.

Last Name : Displays the last name of the member.

Mesh Name : Displays the Mesh gateway name which detected the respective member.

Distance (feet) : Display the distance in feet of the members detected.

From : Displays the start time interval where the members are detected.

To : Display to end time interval where the members have been detected.

Date : Displays the date accordingly. It is customizable where a particular date can be selected to view the proximity details report.

After giving all the details of the respective member, the following proximity parameters are displayed.

Possible Proximities

Name : The name of the member.

Approx Distance (Ft) : Distance between the two members.

Location : Location details are displayed.

Contact With: The name of the member in proximity with.

Duration (Minutes) : Time duration in which the two members were in proximity with each other.

Start Time : This shows the start time of the proximity.

Last Interaction Time : This shows the last interaction time of the proximity.