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Manage Mesh Gateway

Go to Settings → Manage Mesh Gateway

ADD: Click on ADD button and fill the respective fields.

Mesh Gateway Name: Enter the name of the Mesh gateway.
Facility Name: Enter the facility name.
Location Name: Enter the location name where the gateways are placed.
Gateway Name: Enter the gateway names that is taken to form a mesh.

Only two gateways can be added to form a Mesh.

Notes: Any additional information to be mentioned can be given in this box.

Active: To keep the mesh gateway active, select this functionality.
Inactive: To keep the mesh gateway inactive, select this functionality.

Search: Specific mesh gateway name can be selected using this functionality.
Status: All, Active, Inactive gateways can be filtered using this functionality.

The respective fields are displayed with respect to the Mesh Gateway:

Mesh Gateway Name: The two gateways connected to form a mesh is displayed in this field.

Gateway Name: Name of the gateway is displayed in this field.

Notes: Notes will be displayed in this field.

Mesh Gateway Status: Active/Inactive status is displayed in this field.

Action: The mesh gateways can be edited by clicking the edit button.