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CERTIFY Snap – Scan View Settings

Scan View Settings contain all the features for configuring temperature scan.



Enable Temperature Scan

YES – enable scan, else select NO.

Display Temperature Details to the User on Screen

YES – display the details to User, else select NO.

Display Result Bar

YES – display the result bar, else select NO.

Text to display

Normal – Temperature Normal (default text)

High – High Temperature (default text).

Capture images of all Users

YES – capture images of all users, else select NO.

Capture images of Users with Temperature above Threshold

YES – capture images of users with high temperature, else select NO.

Enable Mask Detection

YES -enable mask detection, else select NO.

Scan Type

Quick – upon selecting this, temperature scan is done again when low temperature is detected

Standard –

Screen display time (seconds)

Relevant Screen display time can be set in seconds.

Allow Scan only on close proximity

YES -enable close proximity scan, else select NO.