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This section allows to add customizable questionnaire (up to 20) to the registration process. This helps to make sure that anyone coming to your facility/ building properly complies with your health and safety guidelines.

Enable Question: Once enabled, user can add the questions that will become the part of registration process for a member. Refer the below snippet.

Title: User can title the questionnaire in the text box under this field.

Question: User can add question (with 100 characters maximum) which must be an Yes/No question.

  • Questions during Registration Flows should be answered as per the same order under Questionnaire section provided , in that case registration status will be Pass or else it will fail as shown in Figure 2


Add Question:

User can add additional questions by clicking on ‘Add Another Question’ as shown in the image

After clicking on ‘Add Another Question’, user will see an additional question space to write another yes/No question.

To skip the ‘Questionnaire’, user can unchecked the ‘Enable Question’.

When user unchecks the Enable Questionnaire checkbox , a popup appears with following warning ‘Your Questionnaire will be made inactive.’

Click on ‘Yes, inactivate it’ to make the questionnaire inactive.

Click on cancel, to keep the questionnaire.