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Access log Report

Access log Report comes under Reporting section.

Access log Report includes the member records related to QR Code scan, RFID( which includes normal member scan and Kronos member RFID scanned data) and facial scan based on the Member match.


Full Name- Name of the Member.

Temperature- Temperature recorded from the device.

Record Date- Temperature recorded date and time.

Member ID- ID of the Member

Access ID – ID of Member Access card.

Device ID- Serial number of the device from the temperature is scanned.

Device Name- Name of the temperature scanned device

Facility Name- Facility Name which is mapped to the particular device.

Location Name – Location Name which is mapped to the particular device

Access logs records can be viewed based on filter date difference filters as below

  1. 1.-Today

  2. Yesterday

  3. Last 7 days

  4. Last 30 days

  5. Last Month

  6. This Month

  7. Custom Range.

Export- Download the excel sheet based on the filter selected date.