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Audit Log

Audit Log comes under Reporting Menu section which display the transaction logs when the Admin/User event activities are done in the portal based on the current/past date.

Audit Log Report includes:

Transaction ID-Unique ID for transaction.

Record Date – Date and time of the event activity.

Name – Name of the Admin/User.

Email-Name of the respective email-id of the Admin/User.

Event type- Type of the event activity done by the Admin/User

Description- A brief description about the event activity. For example-Member Added, Member Deleted, Member Edited along with respective email-id.

Event Status- Event Completed/Event Failed.

Admin/User can verify the transaction logs based on the respective filter date. By default it will show Today transaction.

They can view the records for previous dates- Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, This Month, Last Month, Custom Range.

Export- Admin/User can download the excel sheet based on the respective selected date.

Events :available for:

Login, Forget Password ,Reset Password ,Add Member ,Edit Member ,Delete Member ,Add Device ,Edit Device, Add User ,Edit User ,Delete User ,AllTemperature Report Export ,HighTemperature Report Export Registration Report Export, CheckIn Report Export ,Member Activity Report Export Mask Compliance Report Export Communication Report Export ,Add Device Settings ,Edit Device Settings Clone DeviceSettings Delete DeviceSettings ,Enable Touchless Registration ,Add Registration Workflow Edit Registration Workflow ,Clone Registration Workflow ,Delete Registration Workflow ,Delete Device, Audit Report Export ,Member Export ,Device Export ,Device Action Export ,Disable Touchless Registration ,Auto scheduler Saved, Hight temp notifications Saved, Failed email Notification Saved, High Temp Notification alert with content Enabled,, High Temp Notification alert with content Disabled, Failed Questionnaire Notification alert with content Enabled, Failed Questionnaire notification alert with content Disabled, Add facility, Edit Facility Add location, Edit location, Add Gateway, Edit Gateway, Member type Saved, Added Role, Edited Role, User reset password , Manage Group Add, Edit Group.

Bulk delete(for 100 members and more than 100 members actions) ,Mesh gateway Add/Edit, Delete card , Enroll subscriptions for all plan types(Basic, Preferred and Premier)event actions should be reflected in Audit Log report as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1