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Proximity Tracing App

Proximity Tracing App report under reporting shows the data of the “CERTIFY.me” app.

  • Search Name: You can enter the members name who has logged into the device by editing the date and time. Click “SEARCH” tab.

  • After clicking the search tab, other members who have logged into the device within the given radius will be seen. The following fields will be displayed:
    – Member
    This displays the members who come in proximity within the same given radius.
    – Last Interaction Time
    This displays the recent interaction time
    – Proximity Duration (in minutes)
    This displays the total time duration the members are near each other.
    – Interaction Count
    This displays the number of times the members have come in proximity.
    – Last Distance (Ft)
    This display the distance between the members.
    – Source
    It displays the source type, APP or Beacon
    – Pathway
    This displays the pathway in which the data is coming from.