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Wave enabled for non-QR code

The Home Page will direct you to the temperature scan page by using the wave setting.

The page has the display – “Please block a light with your hand to begin”.

Next, wave the right hand and the device will direct you to the Questionnaire page.

The questionnaire page looks as shown in the images below.

For each question prompted on the screen, hold your palm on side of the screen to indicate the answer.
YES – Hold the palm on the left side
NO – Hold the palm on the right side.

Wave enabled with Printer Settings

To enable printer settings, click here

After the scan is done, the result of the scan and the answers to the questionnaire will be printed and handed over as highlighted.

The questions will be linked to the questionnaire in the portal and will be a part of the online Device Settings.

Any of the questionnaire that is configured can be paired with the device to be answered.

Pull the list of questions from the work-flow drop-down as highlighted and save it in the settings and sync, if the wave is enabled with Question and Answers.