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MDM Troubleshooting

Go to the Application Page in CERTIFY XT device.

click on the EZ MDM Application.

Then, double tap on the screen above the Serial Number details as shown in the image below:

Once the double tap is done, the user will see the latest version of the application being loaded.

If the loading does not happen, check the Internet Connectivity. To do this, Launch the Chrome Application.

Type the following URL:
i. : The following screen should be displayed.

ii. : The following screen should be displayed.

If these webpages are loading and your able to see them, it is a confirmation that the Internet connection is working fine. You will have to unplug and plug back the device. After the reboot, the device should be back online. It may take around 10 mins to happen as the status is updated every 10 mins.

If you do not see these websites and see a message link “No internet” or “Some error occurred”, it indicates that something is wrong with the internet on the device. The common reason why this happens are:

  1. The device has no internet connection.

  2. The internet signal is fluctuation.

  3. Wi-Fi signal strength is weak on the device.

  4. These websites are blocked by the network administrator.

Once the internet is fixed on the device, we just need to reboot once and then operate the EZ MDM application.