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Manage Gateway

Go to Settings → Manage Gateway

Gateway Information

ADD: Select “ADD” button for adding the beacon gateway device information.

Search Gateway Name: This section will allow to search the added gateway device of your choice.

Status: This section will allow to choose the status of the device.
All: Select “All” for both active and inactive devices.
Active: Select “Active” to display only active devices.
Inactive: Select “Inactive” to display only inactive devices.

ADD: Click on the add button present in the right hand corner.

Gateway Name: Provide the gateway name in this section.

Select Gateway Type : Regular Gateway, SnapXT terminal

i) Selecting SnapXT terminal allows to select the Device Serial number

ii) Selecting Regular Gateway allows you to create the Gateway UID

Azure Key: Make the SnapXT device as Gateway

Gateway UID: Provide the gateway UID in this section.
Facility Name: Give the facility name in this section.
Location Name: Provide the location name in this section.
Notes: Provide any additional information required in the Notes section.
Status: Select “Active” if you want the device to be active, else select “Inactive” if you want the device to be inactive.

Click on the Save button after adding all the information.

Once the gateway device is added, the information will be displayed in this section.

Gateway Name: Name of the gateway device is displayed.
Location Name: Location name added is displayed.
Gateway UID: Gateway UID added is displayed.
Gateway Status: Status of gateway device – Active/Inactive will be displayed.

Action: Select the edit button here to go back to the “Add” page device to add/delete/edit information.

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