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Access Control Set Up

Access Control Set Up

Relay Trigger:

To open the door locks directly without the controlling system.

Circuit Diagram of Relay Trigger:

Common OFF Configuration

Common ON Configuration

Physical Hardware Configuration:

  • In Relay, power options are not definite. DC12 voltage or higher voltages can be used.

  • Power Source Cable: If there is no power source, you can power it from system using Power cable which has a specification of +12v.


The weigand cable is attached to controller and provides data for access control. The SNAP XT device will send the RFID data to the controller over D0 and D1 cables.

There are multiple wires in the weigand for transferring the data to the controller.
Red wire: D0 (Data)
Blue: wire: D1 (Data)
Black wire: Common ground (Gnd)

  • In RS485/Weigand, power is definite and operates only on +/-5 voltage.

  • If controller is on reverse receiver, red and blue data wires can be switched.

  • The weigand is self-powered, so power source is not required for the SNAP XT device, but ground connection is necessary.