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Browse the URL mentioned below to open the certify.me portal and click on sign in or directly access the certify.me portal login page by clicking on the following link https://portal.certify.me/login

New User

Click on Sign up Icon on the top right corner.

Fill all the mandatory fields.

Account Name: Enter the company name.
Contact Name: Enter the user first name and last name
Contact Email: Enter the user’s email address
Time Zone: Select the time zone from the dropdown based on user location.
Click on Captcha check box to confirm that the user is not a robot.
Click on ‘Save’.

Create a new password.

Refer to the password rules by hovering the cursor on the question mark icon

Enter the same password in the Confirm password textbox.

Click on Submit button.

Note: If the new password is not as per the requirement, or if it does not match with the confirm password, then the error message will be displayed as shown in the image.

Once user account gets created, user will see the confirmation page as shown in the image.

To login, Click on Click here to login

For further steps, please refer to section ‘Existing User’

Existing User

Enter the Email Address in the User Name field with which the account was created.

Enter the Password

Click on Sign In.

User logged in successfully.

Navigates to the home page of the portal.

Note: If the user name or password is invalid, the error message will be displayed as shown in the image.

Note: If the user enters wrong credentials for 5 times, the account gets locked.

In case the account gets locked, reach at https://support.certifyglobal.com/portal/home

Forgot Password

Incase the user wants to reset Password then click on ‘Forgot Password’.

Enter the email address and click on captcha to confirm that the user is not a robot

Click on ‘Reset Password’

Note: Refer to Reset Password Page for further steps