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SNAP XT Device Guide

Table of Contents

Setup Instructions

1. Turn on Device

2. Connect Device to WiFi

3. Device Calibration

4. Test Application

Configuration Instructions

1. Add Device to Cloud

2. Parameter Setting

3. Set Temperature

5. Access Password

6. Endpoint URL

7. Home View Settings

8. Scan View Settings

9. Confirmation View Settings

10. Guide Settings

Setup Instructions

Turn on Device

Plug the wiring terminal into the black power adapter. Then, plug the black power adapter into power outlet and the device will power on.

Connect Device to WiFi

Once powered on, swipe up or tap on up-arrow ‘^’ button in the center of the screen.
Tap on the Settings option (wheel icon) to open the settings menu.

From the settings screen, under Wireless and Networks, select the appropriate WiFi and enter the network credentials.

Device Calibration

Before we begin, it is necessary to calibrate temperature on the device.
Return to the Home Page by tapping the ‘O’ icon at the bottom center of the screen.
Select the up-arrow ‘^’ from the bottom center of the screen.
Open the Temperature_test app.
Ensure distance is set to 50 centimetres.
Tap on Calibration button and remain still in front of the device.
Note: Please follow the tips on the bottom of the screen.
Wait for the “Calibration success!” message on screen.
Tap on Get Temperature button to get a thermal reading.
Place your face within 50 cm range from the device.
The device will display the temperature reading and an audio message will be played.

Test Application

You are now ready to test the device.
Return to the home page by tapping on the ‘O’ icon at the bottom of the screen.
Select the up-arrow ‘^’ button from the center of the screen.
Tap on CERTIFY Snap app.
This will launch the Certify Snap Application and welcome screen will be displayed.
Stand in front of the device (within 50 centimetres) and confirm the device is reading your temperature.

Note: Please make sure your face is inside of the rectangular box for an accurate reading.

Configuration Instructions

Any update on the device setting locally would be overwritten with the setting from the portal. Please make changes on portal if would want the setting to default on all the devices.

Add Device to Cloud

To add the device to the Certify cloud portal, tap on the left top corner on the Certify Snap application
Enter the password (the last 6 digits of the serial number) and press enter.
This opens up the settings menu as shown.
Now toggle by tapping on the first option Add device to Cloud.
This will add the device to the Certify cloud.

Parameter Setting

This is the device’s default behavior setting.

Set Temperature

This is the setting for threshold temperature for the device.
The default setting for all devices is 99F.
If the recorded temperature exceeds the threshold value, it is displayed as a warning in red color.

To upload a custom logo for the device home page.
Enter the device settings by tapping on the top left corner of the device and entering the device password.
Tap on the Upload Logo option.
Note: Once the logo is uploaded, you cannot remove the logo. You can replace it with a new one.

Access Password

To change the login password for the device.
Tap on the access password option and a enter new password for the device. Tap on ‘OK’.
Your password will reset. Use the new password to login into device settings.

Endpoint URL

This is where the environment (production/testing) is set for the device access. (Production URL, Default): Set this URL for collecting actual data. (Demo URL): Set this URL for testing purpose. Readings won’t be recorded with the actual data.

Home View Settings

Customize the text on the home page.
By default, the text “THERMAL SCAN” is configured for the large text box and “Welcome” is configured for the small text box.
These texts can be changed on the Home View Settings on the device menu.

Scan View Settings

Customize the text on the scan view page
Configurations for image scanning are done on this page.
Display temperature: Select Yes to display the temperature details on the screen after scanning. Select No if you do not wish to display the temperature details.
Capture image of user: Select Yes to capture the image of all users while scanning. Select No if you wish not to capture images of all the users.
Capture image of users with temperature above threshold: Select Yes to only capture the image of the users whose temperature is above threshold.
Enable sound on high temperature: Select Yes to enable sound notification when a temperature above the given threshold is recorded.
Allow low temperature scanning: Select Yes to allow temperature scanning below 96.26F.
Screen display time: By default, the screen display time is set for 3 seconds after the scan is complete.

Confirmation View Settings

Customize the text on the confirmation page.
Enable Confirmation Screen: Select Yes if you wish to see the confirmation screen after the scanning is complete.
Confirmation text for temperature below threshold: The main text is set to “Thank You” by default.

Guide Settings

Customize the text for guiding users on the scan view page.
Enable Guide: Select Yes if you wish to see guide. messages during scanning process.
The default guide messages that are set are :
“Please center your face to the screen”
“Move closer and center your face.”
“Please wait, preparing to scan.”