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Manage Certify Alert

Manage Certify Alert is available under Settings

Click on Settings->Manage Certify Alert

Search: This section will allow to search the added certify alerts

ADD: Click on ADD button to add a new Alert

First Name: Provide member name in this field then the member details will be displayed. Click on that member. It will auto-populate in Name field

Name: Member name will auto-populate from First Name

Alert Type: There are 3 alert type options to select. Multiple Alert types can be selected.

-SMS: If SMS option is checked then the alert will be sent to the Member as an SMS

-Email: If Email option is checked then the alert will be sent to Member’s mail address

-Call: If Call option is checked then the alert call will be sent to Member’s phone number

Facility: Select a facility from the dropdown list

Select Event: Select an event from the dropdown list

Status: Active and Inactive are the available statuses for the Alert. Default status will be Active.

Select “Active” if the Alert needs to be Active else select “Inactive”

Save: Click on Save button to save the Alert details

Close: Click on Close to close the pop up