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USB Printer


  1. Connect the printer to a power outlet and turn on the power button on the printer. Then connect the printer to your SnapXT device.      


  2. Turn on your SnapXT device and open the Certify Snap app.   


  3. Once you are in the app, long press on the top left corner and you will be redirected to the login page. Enter the password for your SnapXT device (the last 6 digits of your device).          


  4. Once logged in, you will be in the Settings screen.    


  5. Navigate to the Printer Settings.


Printer Settings


WiFi/Bluetooth Printer

Enable print: Select NO to disable the functionality.

USB Printer

Enable print: Select YES to enable print.

Printing Options

Print for all Scan: Select YES to print for all scans.

Print for Access Card Users: Select YES to print for access card users.

Label Options

Print Face: Select YES to print the face.

Print Name (if Identified else blank): Select YES to print name.

‘If unidentified print text’: Select Yes
Enter Default Name text: Enter the relevant text, by default it is ‘Anonymous’.

Print Normal Temperature Value: Select YES to print normal temperature value.

Print High Temperature Value: Select YES to print high temperature value.

Print Wave Answers: Select YES to print wave answers.


                            NOTE : Make sure to “SAVE” before you return to the Certify Snap screen.                            

7. Connect the printer to the SnapXT device with USB.

8. Navigate to the Certify Snap app and take a picture, it will scan the face and print the label.

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