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Proximity Tracing App: IOS VERSION

  • Installation Process:

  1. Work-flow of the application:
    Once the app is installed, you will directed to the “Registration Code” page. The code will be available in the Certify Portal under Settings → Contact Tracing Settings → “Registration Code”.

  2. After giving the registration code, you will be asked to enter your Contact Number.

  3. After entering the contact information, you will directed to the “Registration Page” which has the following sections to be filled:
    Enter First Name
    Enter Last Name
    Enter Email-id
    Phone Number

    Fill all the details and click on the SUBMIT button found at the bottom.

  4. After fill the filling the details in the registration page, you will get the Enter otp page where you will receive a 4-digit otp to your given contact number. When you receive the OTP, it will display “OTP sent successfully”. Enter the otp and click SUBMIT found in the bottom of the page.

    If you do not receive an otp in the first attempt, then click “Resend otp” where an otp will be re-attempted to your contact information.

  5. After Submitting the otp, you will get a screen having three sections found at the bottom of the page. Home, Profile and Places.
    Home: In this page, you will find the current the location you are in. There is an option at the bottom of the Home icon at the top saying Contact Tracing.
    In Contact Tracing, status will initially be in idle. When you open the app it starts and when the status is in started, the logs will get collected in the profile section.

Settings: This section is present in the right-hand corner of the Home page. It has two sections:

  • PERMISSION STATUS: Make sure all the permission status parameters are given permissions.
    Allow Bluetooth: On (Checked)
    Bluetooth: On (Checked)
    Push Notification: On (Checked)
    Allow locations: On (Checked)
    Locations: On (Checked)

  • SELECT ENVIRONMENT: Select the appropriate environment you want to be in

    Profile: Profile also has the following sections
    Email: This will display the email id you have given in the registration page.
    Phone: This will display the Contact information that you would have provided.
    Reset: This feature will clear all the data and stop you from tracing your contact through certify me app. If you wish to reset, click the reset option and this will take you back to the registration page.
    Logout: Click on logout will stop you from tracing your contact through certify me app.

Once the app is open and starts scanning, data (logs) will start appearing in the profile section at the top-right corner by clicking the “+” sign as highlighted in the above image.
The logs will appear as shown in the below image. It will displace the following data:
Date and time any device appeared in the given radius.
ModelC of the device

Places: This section will display the location that you update in the portal.