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Subscription Latest Changes

Default Card Delete Validation:

When the Admin clicks on Delete icon which of the Default card which is selected with radio button.

The popup arrives that “Default card cannot be deleted, to be able to delete this card make another card your default payment card.”

Expiry account operation

We are able to follow the process for expiry account through superadmin. But when you try to login to normal admin expiry account, you get popup message for Expired account.

Trial period is now 30 days from the new Account signup date. Upgrade button should be enabled for all admins.

If the admin prefer for Yearly plan on today’s date, the next billing date will be on thirteen month. If the admin chooses the Preferred Access for Yearly on Dec 18, 2020, the Next Billing date will be on Jan 18, 2022.

Admin will also receive email template related to billing@certify.me for next billing date of Jan 18, 2022.

If the admin prefers the Monthly plan, the next billing date will be exactly one month. If the admin chooses Basic access for Monthly plan on Dec 8, 2020, the next billing date is Jan 18, 2021.

If the Admin wants to change the plan and the account is already enrolled with some other plan. Update plan is available by clicking Change plan in Manage Subscription page. Admin will get separate email template triggered in their account.

Basic Access plan restrictions

Pages Accessible:



Reporting -Date filter, Advanced Search, Export button should be disabled in All Temperature and High Temperature Report.

Other pages are not accessible, will get popup that you are not part of

Note: For Preferred and Premiere Access have all pages accessible in the portal.

Reseller Account acts as like Super Admin account. They can have many admin accounts under their Account section.

To identify that admin need to go Accounts sections and select one admin account and click Edit account. They can find reseller option. Even these reseller accounts are part of Certify XT portal. Example Amazon is the reseller account.

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