Check-In Report

Click on Check-In report under-Reporting Tab.

Check-In Report Page appears as shown in the image.

Temperature: It indicates the recorded temperature of the individual who checkedin using the registration link sent.

Name: It indicates the name of the individual who checkedin

Email: It indicates the email id of the individual who checkedin.

Mobile: It indicates the mobile number of the individual who checkedin.

Member Type; Type of member-Example: Visitor/Vendor/Staff

Workflow: Name of the workflow.

Questionaire::Icons for Questionaire page

Last Updated time


The screenshot indicates Workflow name based on selected date we find records for Registration Report

Questionnaire: Under this field, user can see the questionnaire icon which displays the COVID 19 Questionnaire report answered by the member.

Last Updated: It indicates the time at which the status was last updated.

Result: It indicates the Pass or Fail Result based on the answers given by Questionnaire.

Export- You can export the report content in a form of excel as shown in below image.

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