Identification Settings

Identification Settings:

Enable QR code Scanner:
To enable QR code scanner, select ‘yes’. Select ‘No’ to disable QR code scanner.

Enable Anonymous QR code / Bar code:
To enable Anonymous QR code or Bar code, select ‘yes’. Select ‘No’ to disable that functionality.

Enable RFID Scanner:
To enable RFID scanner, select ‘yes’. Select ‘No’ to disable the RFID scanner.

Screen Timeout:
User can specify the screen time out for RFID and CODE scan in this field.

Enable Facial Recognition:
To enable Facial recognition, select ‘yes’. Select ‘No’ to disable facial recognition.

Set Facial Threshold:
User can specify the facial threshold value under this field.

Image and Name on Confirmation Screen:
Select ‘Yes’ to not to display image and name on the confirmation screen. Select ‘No’ to display them on confirmation screen.

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