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Open Registration Link

This section allows you to post a unique registration link or QR code enabling the members to on-board on your platform through their own phone or computer.

Open Registration Link has 2 options.

Enable Open Registration Link: This option is applicable for existing or returning members.

Enable Anonymous Registration: This gives option to anonymous or unknown members to register themselves through the direct link or QR code.

If Anonymous Registration is enabled then Member Type selection should be mandatory for the registration process.

Once you enable above options (as per the need), save the settings.

To get the members registered through open link, one can copy the custom link or print/download the QR code and share it across.

Unique URL: User can enter a URL handler with out space in this text box.

Custom Link for Registration: This links enables member to get registered.

QR Code to Display for Registration: Once you click the ‘View’, this displays the QR code for the registration. Also gives the flexibility to print or download the QR code to ease the registration process if required.

Click the’Print’ to get the QR Code printed or ‘Download PDF’ to download the QR code in PDF form.