Scan View

Scan View

Display temperature:
To display temperature select ‘Yes’.
Select ‘No’ if not required.

Capture image of user:
To capture images select ‘Yes’.
Select ‘No’ if it is not required.

Capture image:
To capture only high temperatures select yes, otherwise select ‘No’

Enable Mask Detection:
To show the status bar whether the mask is detected or not.

Temperature Compensation: Allow the device to give accurate body temperature of the member by detecting the room temperature with this compensation value.

Display Result bar : It is something like a custom text given for high and normal temperature replacing the default text.

By default,
the screen delay time is 5 seconds, high temperature threshold we can set 99 or below.

Read and display temperature in: Temperature can be displayed either in Fahrenheit or Celsius by using it.

By default, low temperature threshold is 93.2.

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