All Temperature

Click on All temperature under-reporting Tab.

This report shows data for all temperature records. The custom column feature makes the field selection very easy for the user. The available fields in this report are;

  • Temperature: If the temperature recorded by the device is above threshold, it will be in red color or else green color.
  • Recorded Time: The time and date when the temperature had been recorded.
  • Device Name
  • Serial Number: Sr. Number of the device
  • Name: Member Name
  • Member Id
  • Access Id
  • Unique Id
  • Member Type
  • Mask Status: Yes or No
  • Image Captured

Refresh:The user can use the Refresh Button in the left side of the image to refresh the All Temperature Report details.

Device Search Drop-down: On top right there is a drop-down option for user to select the device to see the respective data. If user selects ‘All Devices’, the report will show the data corresponding to all devices.

Calendar:The date selection option will filter and show the data based on selected dates. By default, current day temperature report will be visible. User can choose any option for eg. last 7 days, last 30 days as per the requirement and pull out the report.

Export: After selecting the specific devices and the number of days, click on ‘Export’ button to download the respective temperature report excel.

The exported temperature report excel will look as shown below.

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