• A member is an associate or a frequent visitor of the institution or the company.

  • Members page displays all the details of members who were added by the admin or User.

  • In this page, admin can edit the existing details of members and add the details of new members into the portal.

Click on ‘Members’ Tab.

Members management page appears with details of all the members as shown in Figure-1. User can select the column that are required from the custom column menu. The fields available are:
Name: This field indicates the name of the member.
Email: This field indicates the email address of the member. Mobile: This field indicates the mobile number of the member.
Unique ID: A Unique ID is generated for newly added member into the portal.
Type: It indicates the type of member like Visitor or Staff or member etc…
Status: This is the status given by the admin to the member. Status could be Active or Inactive.
Registered Date: This field indicates the date when the member was registered. Picture on File: This field shows whether the member’s photo was uploaded or not.




Actions: The gear icon under ‘Action’ gives below options to user.

Edit Member: To edit the existing member’s details.

Send Registration Link: User can send registration link to registered member through this option.

Delete Member: To delete a registered member from the portal.

Refer the specific tabs for detailed info.




Add:To add the new member details, user can click on the Add button.

Export: This option is used to export the member list in an excel format.

Import: This option is very useful for the bulk import of members.

Refer the specific tabs on above for detailed info.





User can search with the keywords for name, email, mobile-number,Unique Id etc. in ‘Search’ field to get the relevant data displayed as shown in Figure-4.





Status Drop-down:

User can use this ‘Status drop down’ to display member details based on the status selected from the drop down as shown in Figure-5





Refer to the ‘Pagination’ Tab


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