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Scan View Settings

Scan View Settings

Customize the text on the scan view page

Configurations for image scanning are done on this page.

Display temperature: Select Yes to display the temperature details on the screen after scanning. Select No if you do not wish to display the temperature details.

Capture image of user: Select Yes to capture the image of all users while scanning. Select No if you wish not to capture images of all the users.

Capture image of users with temperature above threshold: Select Yes to only capture the image of the users whose temperature is above threshold.

Enable sound on normal temperature: Select Yes to enable sound notification when a temperature is normal.

Enable sound on temperature above threshold: Select Yes to enable sound notification when a temperature is above threshold.

Enable mask Detection: Select Yes to enable the mask detection.

Allow low temperature scanning: Select Yes to allow temperature scanning below 96.26F.

Screen display time: By default, the screen display time is set for 5 seconds after the scan is complete.