• Dashboard is the default Home Page of the portal which is visible to the user after successful login.

  • Green light beside ‘Dashboard’ indicates that the Real -time data is on.

Custom column functionality allows user to select the specific columns based on his/her requirement. The available fields in dashboard are below:

Temperature (Indicates the recorded temperature by the device)

Time (Indicates the time at which the temperature was recorded)

Device Name

Device Serial Number

Name (Member Name)

Member Id

Access Id

Unique ID

Registration Status (Registration status based on questionnaire response)

Scan Status (Based on the temperature record, if normal then pass else fail)

Camera Icon: User can click this to see the captured picture of the member.

Click on the camera button.

After clicking the ‘Camera’ button, a new popup appears which provides options to capture different image types (color image, thermal image and IR image). User needs to click respective image type button to capture as shown in Figure-3.

Click Close button at the top right corner to close the Popup window.

Search Device: This drop down displays the listed/added devices by the user. User can select all devices or can enter the device name to see the respective data in the dashboard.

To see the recorded temperatures for a particular device, user can select the device name under this drop down.

All Temperature:

User can see all the recorded temperatures by selecting ‘All Temperature’ from the drop down as shown in Figure-6

High Temperature:

Similarly user can see the high temperature records by selecting ‘High Temperature’ from the drop down.

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