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  • Devices page displays information of all the devices added to the portal and allows admin to add a new device or alter the existing device information.

  • Device type

     SnapXT –>Device Type1

    InfinityX –>Device Type 2

While adding or editing device, now we can select device type as per Admin choice.(First Image).

After clicking Save button, the device is added in Device Management which is shown in horizontal rectangular box. Vertical rectangular box Device type column shows the list of types of devices associated with device name.(Second Image).

Click on Devices Tab.

Device Management page appears as shown in the image, where the details of all the devices will be visible.

Device Name: This field indicates the name of the device given by the user.

Serial Number: This field indicates the serial number which the user can find on the device.

Setting Name: This is the ‘Settings Name’ from device configurations under Settings tab, which was configured to the device.

Status: This field indicates the status of the device whether Active or Inactive.

Activated: In Device side settings if device is activated it will display ‘Yes’ here, else it will be ‘No’.

Device Health: This field indicates the device health whether offline or online.

Last Ping: This field shows the last ping time from the device.

SnapApp Version: This shows the SnapApp version installed in the device.



Actions: Under actions, user has option to Edit a device and see the Device Audit History.

Edit Device: User can edit the device details such as device name, serial number etc. from here. Refer to ‘Edit Devices’ Tab for detailed info.


Device Audit History: User can see the audit history of device which has below fields;

Device Added: Date and time when the device was added to the portal.

Device Activated: Date and time when device was activated.

Device Inactivated: Date and time when the device was inactivated.

Device Last Ping Date

SnapApp Version (Installed on device)

Figure: 3

Importing the devices are done in the same manner. By clicking Import in bottom of the page. Download the template and fill all the requirements as shown in excel sheet. After saving, upload this excel sheet from the portal by Choose File button.

The respective devices are imported as shown in the figures.

Export file can be done by clicking Export at bottom of the page. Excel sheet is downloaded as shown in figure.

This refresh button does not do the functionality of data resetting’s. Just keeps the present filter settings done on the Device Management.

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