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Identification Settings

Identification Settings:

Enable QR code Scanner:
To enable QR code scanner, select ‘yes’. Select ‘No’ to disable QR code scanner.

Enable Anonymous QR code / Bar code:
To enable Anonymous QR code or Bar code, select ‘yes’. Select ‘No’ to disable that functionality.

Enable RFID Scanner:
To enable RFID scanner, select ‘yes’. Select ‘No’ to disable the RFID scanner.

Screen Timeout:
User can specify the screen time out for RFID and CODE scan in this field.

Enable Acknowledgment Screen:
To enable acknowledgment screen, select ‘Yes’. Select ‘No’ to disable this functionality.

Enable Facial Recognition:
To enable Facial recognition, select ‘yes’. Select ‘No’ to disable facial recognition.

Set Facial Threshold:
User can specify the facial threshold value under this field.

Image and Name on Confirmation Screen:
Select ‘Yes’ to not to display image and name on the confirmation screen. Select ‘No’ to display them on confirmation screen.

Acknowledgement screen:

This works only when RFID scans is enabled .It is just like text acknowledgement appears while doing RFID scans.

Admin can enter the text in Acknowledgement Box and Save. Maximum limit is up to 700 characters.

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