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Add Members


To add a new member, click the Add button.



A new popup window appears. Enter all the required details as explained below.

First Name: Enter the first name.
Last Name: Enter the last name.
Email: Add the email address of the member.
Mobile: Enter the mobile number.
Member ID: Fill the member ID provided by the institution or company.



Type: Choose the member type from drop-down.
Access card ID: Enter the Access card ID in this text box provided by the institution or company. It can take the maximum length of 100 characters. as shown in Figure 1.1
Upload Photo: Upload photo of the member by clicking edit button as shown in Figure-3.
Status: Select the status (Active/ Inactive) of the member.

Save: Click on ‘Save’ button to add the details of member.

Close: Click on ‘Close’ button to close the popup window.


 Figure 1.1

Add Address:
Adding Address in newly updated Add Member Dialog Box where the admin/user need to click the + button on the Address Bar to enter the address details.

Address details include:

Address Line1,Address Line2,City → holds Maximum 50 characters(only numeric ,alphabets and -)

Zip code → holds Maximum 15 digits

State- dropdown box selection includes list of states

Save button the address details in Members Dialog Box.