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Add Devices


To add the new device details, click the ‘Add’ button at the right corner of the window.

Devices names are displayed wrt Facility and Location dropdown list.




A new popup window appears that allows to enter the required details as shown in Figure-2

Device Name: Enter the new device name.

Serial Number: Enter the serial number of the respective device.

IMEI Number: Enter the IMEI number of the device (Optional).

Settings Name: Select the device configuration setting name from the drop-down under this field.

Facility Name: Enter the facility name from the drop-down (Optional field).

Location: Enter the location from drop-down (Optional).




Status: Select the device status (Active OR Inactive).

Save: Click on ‘Save’ button, after adding the details of the new device.

·Close: Click on close button to close the popup window.



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