Snap XT Pro HID

Device Name : SNAP XT PRO HID

Recommended for employee access

ChipsetChipset: Rockchip
OS: Android 7.1
CPU: Dual-Core 1.8GHz(A72) + Quad-Core 1.4GHz(A53)
Memory: 4GB DDR, 16GB eMMC
DisplayTouchscreen 8-inch, 800*1280
Keys1 Reset Key
Front CameraDual-lens Camera (RGB+IR)
Fill LightWhite LED
Contactless Card ReaderISO14443 Type A/B, ISO18092 compliant
CommunicationsEthernet/WiFi 2.4Mhz and 5Ghz/Bluetooth
Temperature   MeasurementCapability   : 3-4 persons one time
Resolution :   80*64
Distance    : 1 ~ 2m
Accuracy : ±0.3°C(±0.54°F)
Range: 15-45°C (59-113°F)
Peripheral Ports1 DC Port, 1 RJ45, 1 micro USB,  1 Wiegand, 1 RS485
AudioDigital Audio Speaker, Microphone
Power Supply12V/2A, POE Support with Active Splitter
Bracket (Optional)Wall Mount Bracket, Turnstile   Mount Bracket
Dimensions (mm)317 (L)*135 (W)*31 (H)
MDM(Optional)Mobile Device Management
CertificationCE, FCC, RoHS

CERTIFY infinityX Pro

Device Name : CERTIFY infinityX Pro

Multi Person Thermal Scanning Platform

Product ModelInfinityX
Measurement RangeMeasurement AccuracyMeasurement Distance30 to 45 Degree C0.5Degree C0.15m to 4m
FPSFocal LengthField of ViewF#SizeIO25Hz3.2mm56ox42o1.180mm x 80mm x 14.2mmMini USB
ResolutionFocal Length1280×7204.4mm
Operating Temperature10 to 50o C
Storage Temperature –20o
to +60o C
Operating HumidityStorage Humidity10% to 90%10% to 90%
OSStatus IndicatorAndroid 8LED
Thermal Reading7 Simultaneous Reads
Facial Recognition7 Simultaneous Identitie
ComplianceHiTrust ISO 27001 & HIPAA

Kronos Integration

Kronos Integration

  • Kronos integration is used to sync all members from Kronos timesheet to Portal.

  • Members page displays all the details of Kronos members which are added using Sync function from Integration page.

  • Admin can edit the Kronos members and can add RFID card No, after RFID scan from device ,Check-in and Checkout time with respective date will be displayed for respective Kronos member under Kronos Time Sheet.

  • Kronos added members can be deleted using Reset Function..

Device Configuration for Kronos Members Attendance

First the admin need to configure the settings from the portal side. After login to the portal, Go to Settings and select Device. Click on the Edit icon of the Device Configuration settings.

Go To Identification Settings :

  • Enable the RFID Scanner by clicking Yes option

  • Disable the Facial Recognition by clicking No option on Enable Facial Recognition


Go To Access Control :

  • Enable Relay should be checked – This feature allows only the valid access id members which is registered in Members page from portal side and has to be synced in Member Management from the device side. The valid members can tap and do facial temperature scan.

  • Allow Anonymous should be checked – This feature allows the members to tap the access id card which is not registered in Members page from portal side and also not available in the Member Management. The member name will be considered as Anonymous. If admin do want anonymous members you can uncheck this option .

  • Enable logging Mode
    i) Access Control – Allow data to be present only in Accesslog Report.
    ii) Time and Attendance – Allow data to be present in Time and Attendance report .and Accesslog Report.
    iii) Both – Both features are enabled and data fetched in both the reports.
    iv) None – Both features are disabled and data not fetched in both reports.

  • Valid Access options- ID only, Face only, ID+Face, ID or Face

From Device point of view. Settings should be same as mentioned in shown screenshots.

After login to CertifySnap,In Settings admin can select Identification Settings and Access Control to make sure the settings are same as in portal.


Navigate to Configurations tab—>Click on Integration page—–> Click on Configure icon

Integration page appears with details to Configure Kronos members as shown in Figure-1.



Action: The Configure icon under ‘Kronos’ Integration gives the user to add below details.

1)Company Shortname 

2)API Key 



Kronos Integration Credentials Passing

Kronos Integration page appears with details to provide the credentials, Enable application and Saving it as shown in Figure 2.

Provide the details under below respective fields , Click on Enable Application and Save it.

  1. Company Short Name: Its a short description of the company
  2. API Key:
  3. User name
  4. Password

Enable Application Action:

Members can be Synced from Kronos Timesheet only if the the Enable application option is enabled.


Kronos Icon Highlighted

Pop up Message “ Application Enabled” will be displayed as shown in Figure 3 and Kronos Icon will be displayed with green tick mark as shown in Figure 4 after clicking on Save, which verifies that System is ready to Sync Kronos members

Figure 3:

Figure 4:

Sync Members

Select option Configure as shown in above Figure 4 ,Kronos Page displays with option Sync as shown in Figure 5.


Sync function is used Sync all members from Kronos timesheet and displays in Portal under Member Page

Figure 5:

Click on Sync-Success message “Sync Completed” will be displayed as shown in Figure 6


Success Message “Sync Completed” Verifies that all the Kronos Members are added successfully to Portal

Figure 6:

Member Page Displaying Kronos added Members

Refer to Figure 6.1


Kronos Integration-Disable Application

Select option Disable application(Refer to Figure 6.2) which throw the message “Application Disabled” -(Refer Figure 6.3)


Members cannot be Synced from Kronos Timesheet if option “Disable Application” is selected..

Figure 6.2

Figure 6.3

Reset Kronos Members

Click on Reset Members–> Select Yes as shown in Figure 7


Reset function is used to delete all Kronos added members and reset back the page to original state by blanking out all credentials as shown in Figure 8

Figure 7:

Figure 8:

Kronos Validations

When the member type Invalid Company short name in Kronos credentials shows the popup-Invalid Company Short Name.


When the member type Invalid API key in Kronos credentials shows the popup-Invalid API key


When the member type Invalid username or Invalid password in Kronos credentials shows the popup-Invalid login


Kronos logs

When the application is enabled in Kronos and after clicking Sync Button ,the members are synced based on the validation of Form options from the portal side. The admin will see the Synced details with date and time and also see the partial synced messages along with “Click here” link to see logs. The logs will be downloaded in Notepad.


Once the members are synced, the Kronos member details will be viewed with valid access id stored in Members page from the portal side.

In Device side, log in to Certify Snap and select Member Management in Settings Page. Search for the Kronos member being synced. Jennifer Davis is the Kronos member.

Login to Webapps Management Center to check Kronos timesheet for a particular kronos member Jennifer Davis for total Checkins and Checkouts.

Click on three line as mentioned in the first figure.

Select Time–>Timesheets–>Timesheet Views–>All Timesheets as mentioned in second figure and search for the Kronos member First Name

Click on the edit button of Timesheets as mentioned in third figure



View all the Checkins and Checkouts of the Kronos member Jennifer Davis mentioned in fourth figure.

Click on Edit Timesheet button as mentioned in fifth figure.

View the complete details of Checkins and Checkouts in Kronos Edit mentioned in sixth figure.

SFTP – Member Import

SFTP – Member Import

Purpose: To import bulk members to the portal using file processing via SFTP. Available option for large volume imports and automation of updates.

XXXXXX – AccountID on system
YYYYMMDD – Date in YYYYMMDD format
NNN – Optional File sequence if multiple files are being uploaded

Ex: 1593_MEMBER_20201210.csv, 1593_MEMBER_20201010_1.csv, 1593_MEMBER_20201010_9.csv

File Format: Comma Separated Values
Encapsulation Character:
File Extension: .csv
File Frequency: Whenever the file is dropped in the folder.

Mode of Import: SFTP

Columns Length Description


First name of the member


Last name of the member


Email of the member


Country code associated with the phone number


Phone number of the member without country code


Member Id of the member


Badge Id of the member


Member type number under which the member should be added.
expected values: 1-150 as mapped in configuration.
default is 1 if no value is submitted.

Refer to Member Type for additional information.



Active or inactive status of the member
expected values:


If the registration link should be sent to the members while importing, enter the touchless registration setting name here

Contact team to setup the SFTP Process and obtain the account id, its also visible in your account, when logged into
Customer should have the ability to upload files via SFTP accessing via a static ip.

Tip: The file for processing can be additionally tested via the portal import before sending it via SFTP

Device Action Report

Device Action Report

Go To Reporting → Device Action.

Device Action Report

Command: This pulls the data regarding particular push command given to the device in the “Device” section as shown below:

Serial Number: The device that is used for push command
Device Name
Setting Name
Updated By
SnappApp Version
Requested date

Device action Report can be exported in excel format

Access log Report

Access log Report

Access log Report comes under Reporting section.

Access log Report includes the member records related to QR Code scan, RFID( which includes normal member scan and Kronos member RFID scanned data) and facial scan based on the Member match.


Full Name- Name of the Member.

Temperature- Temperature recorded from the device.

Record Date- Temperature recorded date and time.

Member ID- ID of the Member

Access ID – ID of Member Access card.

Device ID- Serial number of the device from the temperature is scanned.

Device Name- Name of the temperature scanned device

Facility Name- Facility Name which is mapped to the particular device.

Location Name – Location Name which is mapped to the particular device

Access logs records can be viewed based on filter date difference filters as below

  1. 1.-Today
  2. Yesterday
  3. Last 7 days
  4. Last 30 days
  5. Last Month
  6. This Month
  7. Custom Range.

Export- Download the excel sheet based on the filter selected date.

Communication Report

Communication Report

Click on Communication Report under the Reporting Tab.

Communication Report page appears as shown in the image.

This report retrieves data about the registration link sent to each member. It includes the following:
Total number of email sent: This indicates how many email notification has been sent.
Number of email failed: This indicates how many email notification has been failed.
Total number of SMS sent: This indicates the total number of SMS sent.
Number of SMS failed: This indicates the number of SMS notification been failed.

This report contains the following fields:
Name: This field indicates the name of the member.
Sent to Address: This gives the email address to which the registration link is sent.
Member Type: Indicates which type of member → Staff/Visitor/Vendor.
Message Type: Indicates the message type → TouchlessWelcome/TouchlessWelcomeSMS.
Email/SMS: This indicates what type of notification is been received → Email/SMS.
Source Type: This include the CertifyXT source.
Sent Date: This indicates the time and date the notification has been sent.
Status: This indicates the sent/failed notification status.

Refresh: The user can use the refresh button in the right-corner of the page as highlighted to see all the details of the communication report.

Calendar: The date selection option will filter and show the data based on selected dates. By default, current day temperature report will be visible. User can choose any option for eg. last 7 days, last 30 days, Custom Range as per the requirement and pull out the report.

Export: After getting all the data as expected, click on ‘Export’ button as highlighted to download the respective Communication report excel.

The exported Communication report excel will look as shown below.

Change Audio File

Change Audio File

Currently available only at device not a online enabled settings

Guide to change audio files with custom language or speech.


  1. Download any mp3 file and name it as Normal.mp3 
  2. Upload this mp3 file to Explorer → Internal Memory → Audio; as shown in screenshots.


  1. Download any mp3 file and name it as High.mp3
  2. Upload this mp3 file to Explorer → Internal Memory → Audio; as shown below in screeshots.