QR Code Expiration

QR Code Expiration

This menu item allows user to define different QR code expiration rules.

Do not expire: If this is selected the QR code generated for the member won’t expire can be reused.

One time use: User can select this option to create one time use QR code,this QR code will not be valid after first scan.

:question_mark: Please note: This option does not support the temperature stamp on QR code feature.

Expire after: User can enter the number of days after which the QR code expires.

Expire QR code when new registration link is sent: If this option is enabled, the member who has received a new registration link will not be able to use the old QR code even if any of above rule was defined.

Tick mark indicates that QR code cannot be reused-One time use.

Registration Notification Content

Registration Notification Content

This section gives different options (SMS/email) to a sender to notify an end user/member.

Welcome SMS: It is mandatory in touchless registration. A link to registration workflow will be given along with the welcome text.
One has flexibility to add/edit the message in welcome SMS text field.

Welcome Email: If enabled, the end user will also receive the welcome email with a link to registration workflow.

Authentication of member by OTP: If this option is enabled, the end user will receive the OTP for authentication.

After clicking the registration link received through SMS/Email, user will be redirected to user information page.


Once user verifies the details (name/email/phone no.) he/she will be asked to enter the OTP received for authentication

Registration Workflow Configuration

Registration Workflow Configuration

This section allows the user to define the checkpoints/rules to configure a new workflow or to edit an existing workflow.

For each new configuration, a unique ‘Workflow Name’ has to be given and a member type has to be selected form the drop-down.

Refer the individual section of each checkpoint settings to understand how these can be utilized in different scenarios.

Note: Member type can be define under the Configuration–> Member Type

Use the respective (+) symbol icon to make the changes in the following.

Registration Notification Content
Member Information
Face scanning
Open Registration Link
QR code expiration

Registration Workflow(s)

Registration Workflow :

User can define multiple workflows based on the requirement. Please refer the ‘Registration Workflow Configuration’ section to know more about this.

User can see the existing workflows in this page as shown in the image.

  • Workflow Name: This is the name of the workflow added in Registration Workflow Configuration.
  • Member Type: This is the member type to which the workflow will be applicable.
  • Action: User can edit the existing workflow, clone the existing workflow and also can delete the workflow.
  • Status: Status can be active or inactive.

To add a new workflow, click on ‘Add’ button. This will take the user to registration workflow configuration that allows to define a new workflow.

To edit an existing workflow for the respective member type, click on edit Icon as shown in the image. This again goes to registration workflow configuration section.

To clone an existing workflow, click on clone icon (2nd in the row).

User can click on delete icon to delete an existing workflow.

When the user clicks on delete icon for a particular registration workflow, a popup appears as shown in the screenshot.

User can click on ‘Yes’ to delete that particular workflow or ‘Cancel’ to abort.


User can make an existing workflow active or inactive by selecting the button as shown in the screenshot.

When the user makes status Inactive for an existing workflow, a popup appears as shown in the screenshot.

User can click on Yes to make it inactive or cancel to keep the workflow status as active.

Refer the ‘Registration Workflow Configuration’ page to know more on defining a workflow.