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Steps to configure InfinityX PRO device:

1.Centrally-controlling device and Interface

2. Dual-vision Camera

3. Remote Control to manage the controlling device and the television/displayer

  • Red Power Button – This button can be used to power on/off the displayer.
  • Home Button – This button is used to go to the home page on the displayer.
  • Back Button – This button is used to go back to the previous screen on the displayer.

4. Home Screen on the Displayer/ Television.

  • The user can click on Settings, and connect to Wi-Fi or Insert your LAN cable to the controlling device(mentioned in Step 1). Then displayer is connected to Wi-Fi.

  • Navigate to the home screen and then open EZ MDM app.

  • Login to the Certify portal and navigate to the Settings menu. Create a new setting for InfinityX and save it.

  • From the EZ MDM screen, get the device’s serial number and then login to Certify Portal and add the Infinity Pro device.

  • Click on Add button on the Device Management screen and you will be shown a pop up to fill the device details, serial number and select the setting which was created earlier.

  • Once all the details are filled, save it.

  • Back to the InfinityX displayer. Move onto the Apps installed in the Settings screen. In the Apps installed screen, you will find all the installed apps by Certify.

  • Using the navigation keys on the remote, click on Certify InfinityX app and click on Force Stop. There is a pop-up asking if you want to force stop. Click ok.

  • Now, Go to the home screen and navigate to the Certify InfinityX app.

  • Once the app is launched. We can face the camera and the scans will be displayed with Pass/Fail status on the displayer. Multiple people can be scanned at a time.

Any help needed with the device, please contact the CERTIFY Snap Technical Support Team:
Help Website:
Web and Online Chat:
Call: +1 650-425-3050