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Field Enhancements-Network ID

Network ID is the workstation login ID which identifies host network on an internetwork.

Network ID fields occurrence in ADD Member, Edit Member section, Members page and also in Form options.

Network ID occurrence in Member Information section of each Touchless Registration Flow settings.

Network ID occurrence also seen in Information Page of SnapApp.

Network ID field occurrence in All Temperature Report, High Temperature Report, Registration Report, Checkin Report, Member Activity Report- also seen in Exports and Report popups(High Temperrature, Member Report in Registration Report).

Screenshots shown for All Temperature Report ,Checkin Report ,Member Report popup and one High Temperature export.

Network ID occurrence in without content of Failed Questionaire Report and also High Temperature Report.
Network ID occurrence in with content of Failed Questionaire Report and also in High Temperature Report.

Screenshots for Failed Questionaire Report without content and also High Temperature Report with content email Template.

Network ID occurrence should also be presence in all Download PDF format (popups and reports).