Communication Report

Click on Communication Report under the Reporting Tab.

Communication Report page appears as shown in the image.

This report retrieves data about the registration link sent to each member. It includes the following:
Total number of email sent: This indicates how many email notification has been sent.
Number of email failed: This indicates how many email notification has been failed.
Total number of SMS sent: This indicates the total number of SMS sent.
Number of SMS failed: This indicates the number of SMS notification been failed.

This report contains the following fields:
Name: This field indicates the name of the member.
Sent to Address: This gives the email address to which the registration link is sent.
Member Type: Indicates which type of member → Staff/Visitor/Vendor.
Message Type: Indicates the message type → TouchlessWelcome/TouchlessWelcomeSMS.
Email/SMS: This indicates what type of notification is been received → Email/SMS.
Source Type: This include the CertifyXT source.
Sent Date: This indicates the time and date the notification has been sent.
Status: This indicates the sent/failed notification status.

Refresh: The user can use the refresh button in the right-corner of the page as highlighted to see all the details of the communication report.

Calendar: The date selection option will filter and show the data based on selected dates. By default, current day temperature report will be visible. User can choose any option for eg. last 7 days, last 30 days, Custom Range as per the requirement and pull out the report.

Export: After getting all the data as expected, click on ‘Export’ button as highlighted to download the respective Communication report excel.

The exported Communication report excel will look as shown below.

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