Kronos Integration

  • Kronos integration is used to sync all members from Kronos timesheet to Portal.
  • Members page displays all the details of Kronos members which are added using Sync function from Integration page.
  • Admin can edit the Kronos members and can add RFID card No, after RFID scan from device ,Check-in and Checkout time with respective date will be displayed for respective Kronos member under Kronos Time Sheet.
  • Kronos added members can be deleted using Reset Function.

Navigate to Configurations tab—>Click on Integration page—–> Click on Configure icon

Integration page appears with details to Configure Kronos members as shown in Figure-1.

Action: The Configure icon under ‘Kronos’ Integration gives the user to add below details.

1)Company Shortname 

2)API Key 




Kronos Integration Credentials Passing
Kronos Integration page appears with details to provide the credentials, Enable application and Saving it as shown in Figure 2.
Provide the details under below respective fields , Click on Enable Application and Save it.
Company Short Name: Its a short description of the company
API Key:
User name
Enable Application Action:
Members can be Synced from Kronos Timesheet only if the the Enable application option is enabled.


Kronos Icon Highlighted

Pop up Message “ Application Enabled” will be displayed as shown in Figure 3 and Kronos Icon will be displayed with green tick mark as shown in Figure 4 after clicking on Save, which verifies that System is ready to Sync Kronos members

Figure 3:

Figure 4:
Sync Members
Select option Configure as shown in above Figure 4 ,Kronos Page displays with option Sync as shown in Figure 5.
Sync function is used Sync all members from Kronos timesheet and displays in Portal under Member Page
Click on Sync-Success message “Sync Completed” will be displayed as shown in Figure 6
Success Message “Sync Completed” Verifies that all the Kronos Members are added successfully to Portal

Figure 5:

Figure 6:

Member Page Displaying Kronos added Members
Refer to Figure 6.1

Figure 6.1

Kronos Integration-Disable Application
Select option Disable application(Refer to Figure 6.2) which throw the message “Application Disabled” -(Refer Figure 6.3)
Members cannot be Synced from Kronos Timesheet if option “Disable Application” is selected..

Figure 6.2

Figure 6.3

Reset Kronos Members
Click on Reset Members–> Select Yes as shown in Figure 7
Reset function is used to delete all Kronos added members and reset back the page to original state by blanking out all credentials as shown in Figure 8

Figure 7

Figure 8

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