Audit Log

Audit Log comes under Reporting Menu section which display the transaction logs when the Admin/User event activities are done in the portal based on the current/past date.

Audit Log Report includes:

Transaction ID-Unique ID for transaction.

Record Date – Date and time of the event activity.

Name – Name of the Admin/User.

Email-Name of the respective email-id of the Admin/User.

Event type- Type of the event activity done by the Admin/User

Description- A brief description about the event activity. For example-Member Added, Member Deleted, Member Edited along with respective email-id.

Event Status- Event Completed/Event Failed.

Admin/User can verify the transaction logs based on the respective filter date. By default it will show Today transaction.

They can view the records for previous dates- Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, This Month, Last Month, Custom Range.

Export- Admin/User can download the excel sheet based on the respective selected date.

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